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1. Greeting
Column including advices by customer service staff: This information is not only about our escort. We will also write seasonal information and sightseeing information in Japan for example. Furthermore, we will put columns worth reading... like the cultural difference for people living in Japan.

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For example, we opened Shibuya branch in Tokyo for your patronage recently. We are going to open more new branches all over Japan in future. We offer the information of new escort girls and booming escort girls to help you to use our service. Surely, we will put information of new branches and new escort girls in all three kinds of escort services that our group offers.

4. Useful Japanese phrases
We assume you often take a cab to go to the above places. Japanese phrases help you when you take a cab, convenient Japanese phrases for your stay in Japan, Japanese conversations to befriend with Japanese girls and so on... We introduce Japanese words guidebooks wouldn't tell you.

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