I guess that you should also love to have Sex.


Do you like Music?

If yes, I guess that you should also love to have Sex.

Because Music has been always closely associated with sex since a long time ago.

And this is scientifically proved by some researchers.

The researchers from McGill University in Canada found out that the dopamine is discharged from our brain not only when we are eating, sleeping,
having a sex but also when we are listening to the music.

It comes to that music help us to get a orgasm.
Good music associated with good sex.
Thinking about this research, this is convincing that we could see concert hall located close to the love hotel in Japan.

Some people may go to the love hotel after you meet up the girl at Live hall. Shibuya in Tokyo, so called the center of Japan, is the most typical one.

This town has many live hall and love hotel in same location. A lot of people in Japan get together in this town and share pleasant things together, and have a sex.
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