Kinds of type of Japanese FUZOKU


Are you enjoying Japanese night life?? You might have had a some experience.
Today I introduce what types of Japanese FUZOKU are there.

First of all, they are roughly divided into two types: Agency and Independent.

About the agency, DELIVERY HEALTH, so call DELI-HERU is the typical type of FUZOKU in Japan.

They basically don't have a shop, after receiving the phone call from you, they deliver the girl to your hotel, house,
apartment with a limited range. The service is basically without sex.

Because full service is not allowed in Japanese law. They usually have BJ without condom service, also shower time is included.
Sometimes you could get a oil lotion service with massage.

You can find many agency of this kind of service on the web. Have a bit courage to call them.
The health service that has a shop has many types and names, 「FASHION HEALTH」, 「SOAP LAND」, 「IMAGE CLUB」, 「PINK SALON」 etc.

Fashion Health usually provide BJ, licking to your body and you could also give her some.

Service is vary, like BJ, HJ, only kissing and touching etc in the shop room.
Sope land usually provide the mat-play with nuru-rotion. The girl will use special oil rotion and give you erotic service with her full of body.

Image club give you the erotic service with many situations. For example on the train, in the stockroom, wearing a student sailor etc.

They have that kind of set of location in the shop. It may be the most exciting FUZOKU for some guys.
Pink Salon may be quite strange for foreigners. There is big floor that has an small booth separated by a thin wall.

You can get a BJ and HJ in each booth.
Sometimes you could see another customers. There are many these kinds of shops all over Japan.
You might feel a bit hesitation to get in the shop first, but you are gonna get use to it.
On the other hands, Independent, provides almost same service as out-call of agency but sometimes more.

They usually don't doing in the legal law. You could find them on some web or encounter on the street.

They are not working regularly so it's depends if you could find them or not.

We would not like to recommend this type of FUZOKU because it is not legal one.
Anyway we also have a kind of DERI-HERU service

When you feel lonesome at night please wait for your call.