The start of soaplands was not sex.


Soaplands and chonnoma are old Japanese escorts where you are allowed sex trade "illegally". Japanese law forbids sex trade, so you are supposed to take a bath with a help of a bathgirl there. I guess gentlemen said "What?" lol
Yes, it is their official concept. You go there to take a bath or have tea with a girl. I am not kidding. It is just an accidental free romance if you have sex there. A tacit understanding. Interesting?
So if police that usually close their eyes decide to round them up, they can do it anytime.

I found the old (probably the oldest) writing about a soapland. It was in Shanghai and like a sauna bath with massage by a girl. No sex.
In 1951, Japan's first store "Tokyo Onsen" opened in East-Ginza where an masseuse gives massage in the sauna. The masseuses were with clothes on and with no sexual service.
This is an origin of soaplands.

And even after many soaplands opened their business in red-light districts like Yoshiwara, most escort girls in soaplands were professional and businesslike. They showed various sexual techniques like "Awa-odori (soap bubble / nuru lotion body wash on a mattress or a bath chair)", "Senbokyo (BJ in a bathtub) and so on, but many of them did not kiss meaning "My body is for sex trade, but my heart is not for it." However, from 1980's, many soaplands followed GFE type service, so it has changed.

Japanese Escort Girls Club is 100% legal escort service. We do not provide intercourse sex. Our service is health service in Japanese adult entertainment business. However we serve Japanese-style GFE including sweet time like real BF & GF, kisses, tender affective body touch, BJ and so on.
We also adopt a piece of tradiotional soapland service. We serve bodywashing using nuru lotion / gel in the start of the session and use nuru lotion / gel again in sumata intercrural sex for your happy ending. The texture of nuru lotion / gel can give you a heavenly ecstasy.

We are always ready for adopting and developing new sexual feeling. At the same time, we value on Japanese traditional omotenashi with hospitality.
Ain't it funny? Japanese major soaplands like in Yoshiwara started with no sex and follows GFE like in delivery health escorts.
We want to stay an elite escort welcomes foreigners in Japan.

Feel free to contact us in English.
Thank you.

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