If you were a snow border, you might have heard about NISEKO.

Located about 100 km away in south derection from Sapporo city in Hokkaido, Niseko is very famous amoung the snow boaders not only Japanese but also foreigners.

Because the snow out there is quite smoth so called powder snow, in order to full of nature. Niseko providese you the best ride in the season.

Recently a lot of foreign snow boaders have been visiting NISEKO to have a good snow, good ride, enough to say NISEKO is the best!!

Besides, the food and people out there is also warm and good. The mutton barbecue is so nice.
But if you look for the erotic service, there is no agency could allow foreigners in Niseko.

Even though Niseko has that kinds of services for Japanese.
We do have such a erotic massage service in Sapporo city.

So if you want escort girl after snow boading, please add the plan coming to to Sapporo city after your ride.
We will be waiting for you with great Japanese massage girl.