Amazing Japanese Love Hotel !!


Now I know I've mentioned love hotels here more than a couple of time.

There's no getting around it: they are a part of life in Japan.

And a wonderful part of that they are! In fact, I can't imagine going back to a life without love hotels.
Want a place to seal away for a few hours? Love hotel.
How about the perfect place for an erotic rendezvous? Love hotel.

Want to take your wife / girlfriend someplace to change things up in the bedroom? Love hotel.

Traveling and don't want to stay in a cramped little room but don't want to pay out the ass? Love hotel.

They are the erotic Swiss Army Knife of temporary destinations.
Love hotels are meant to be a romantic, "safe" getaway for a couple wanting to get to know each other much, much better.

They've been around for quite a long time in Japan, and can be found not only around most train stations, but sometimes out in the middle of nowhere!
It seems like you're never too far from a love hotel.

They come in all shapes and sizes, too. Some love hotels can be really mind-blowingly crazy good.

Absolutely lavish. Then there are those that are pretty basic. They have a bed, TV, a suitable amount of space, etc.

These feel more like a standard western hotel room.
Usually, even these have free adult movies on TV, a vibrator close at hand near the bed, and free condoms.

Plus they have in-room karaoke and super thick walls so you'll never be able to hear what your neighbors are up too, regardless of the intensity.

All love hotels have a pretty darn good room service as well, so if you get hungry you can just order in.
I have been in some really, really nice places. Of course, you can find places with themed rooms.
They have rooms that make it look like you're on the moon, in a jungle, an ancient castle.

I stayed in one that looked like a sailor's quarters from the 1950's.

I don't know what was up with that. My favorites have been the ones with in-room Jacuzzis that have built-in waterproof TVs.

These have large, lavish beds and often time a built-in sauna as well. Everything in a nice love hotel room is built around luxury.

They even have luxury toiletry samples they encourage you to use and take with you.

In the west we think about going to a hotel for sex as a sleazy thing, but in Japan they make it truly magical.
Your time at a love hotel doesn't have to bleed your wallet dry. Often times during the day they offer extremely discounted rates.

They have two choices at all times: rest and stay. Rest is for a 3 hour tryst, and stay is overnight.

Compare a luxury room at a love hotel to the standard price of a business hotel and you might be surprised to find that the love hotel not only wins in space and amenities,
but in price as well!