Japanese Adult Goods You can easily get in Japan!!


Do you use adult goods when you have a sex with your partner??

There are lot of kinds of adult toy that make your sex life more fun. And it is vary in country to country.
I introduce Japanese Adult Goods you can easily get in Japan.

This is the most popular adult goods in Japan. Its used when you do it for yourself.
The best sides of hall is opened in the bottom of tubular, you insert your private part into it.
When you close your eyes, you should feel as if you are having a sex with a girl.

2. Pink Roter
The traditional Japanese adult toy that makes a vibration. You can use this to the girl to help her orgasm.
But some girls might say it is hurt. So you need little be careful. Basically you could enjoy more erotic night with this toy.

3. Eye Musk / A Blindfold
This goods is for kind of little SM. When her eyes blind, she would be much more sexually excited.
While she is blind, will be more excited about this situation when you whisper erotic words close to her ears. To the contrary, you can also get a blindfold and have a sex.
The door to another world might open without expectation.

4. Lotion
Sometimes, your partner might not be feeling well while having a sex when she is not get wet. In that case, the lotion is help you slip in her more smoothly.
It is also help her give partner the hand job. Some one might hate this stringy lotion after having a sex with it, but it's few anxious when we thinking about our partner.

Thus there are many erotic stuff in Japan that make your sex life more excited. By the way, we have a kind of erotic service that fully including many erotic toy.
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