Japanese Drug Store is full of Convenience!! 


Recently we could see Japanese drug store is fully occupied with Chinese and Korean travelers.

This is because that they can get the stuff with quite reasonable price, but without tax!!
Though Don Quixote should have much more kinds of goods and you could get everything you need in dairy life, drug store is like convenience store,
and located more all over Japan so we can come much more easily.

They also open until late night. You could go to the drug store whenever you got something needed.
Among the stuff you can get in the drug store, there is a adult goods. These stuff supposed to be said like higher quality than another Asian country.

You can easily purchase these stuff and make your night life better.
Condom and love lotion are the typical one. Japanese condoms are said to be so thin and smooth that you might feel you are having sex without condom.
Beside it is strong against for these thinness. Should be good for both male and female.

Japanese love lotion is also said that they are not sticky too much but thin, clear liquid and some could be no problem to eat.
These stuffs are also used by Japanese escort girls, off course our escort girl does. Do you want to try Japanese escort girl with these lotion and condom??

Please contact us if you do.