Japanese Oshogatsu , New years day in Japan


After the party on the end of the day of year all over Japan, a lot of count-down parties,
almost all company and restaurant in Japan close during Oshogatsu day, basically 1st to 4th in JAN.

The worker come back to their home town and spend the slow life with their family and partner, some might go abroad to have a vacation.

They usually eat Osechi dishes, kinds of Japanese traditional food made from organic vegetable's Nimono,
like stewed dishes, and of couse drink Sake and enjoy conversation only with their family and relatives.

Some family start making Osechi dishes before a week from Oshogatsu.
So this is the big event for Japanese. After eating Osechi, they usually go to shrine and temple to make a wish.

This is also Japanese traditional event.
Some pray for the everlasting health of family and relatives, some pray for school success, success of recruiting.

They refresh their life and feeling and restart their job. Though it would be the same way as another country.
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