"Oshogatsu" New Year Holiday in Japan


Do you have any idea about Oshogatsu?
It is Japanese the New Year holiday.

We usually spend a time with family.
In japan Christmas is for a couple and the New Year is for family. It might be opposite from your country.
I would like to introduce how the New Year holiday is in Japan.

1. New Year's card
It is one of our customs to exchange greeting with people with the cards at beginning of the year. It is called "Nen ga jo". Recently we are used to use SNS more than letters. Most of young people exchange greeting with their friends with LINE or whatever SNS. Basically there is written one of the Chinese zodiac of the year. The Chinese zodiac of 2017 is rooster.

2. Osechi
It is a specially prepared New Year's dish. Each dish has a special reason why we should eat for the New Year such as health, longevity, fertility, and luck. Actually it came from China. We can tell that Japan and China has been having a strong connection since a very long time ago.

3. Spending time with family and relatives
We all gather usually 1st of January with family and relatives.
We greet each other with the word "Akemashite Omedeto (which means Happy New Year)" The thing what kids look forward is money given as a New Year's gift "Otoshidama".

4. Kadomatsu
It is made of pine and bamboo. We put it in front of the house entrance gate.
In ancient, Japanese people thought gods reside in Kadomatsu, and we use it as an object representative of a divine spirit. We welcome Shinto god in our house.

5. New Year's Holiday
We are known as hard worker, yes that is right. We don't have any Christmas vacation but we generally have a vacation in New Year.

Some of our customers will go back to your country to greet your family.
Have a safe trip, and we always welcome you back to Japan.

We truly hope you will have a wonderful beginning of this new year.

The year-end brings no greater pleasure than the opportunity to thank you for your support and wish you a prosperous 2017 filled with health, happiness and success.

The Year-End & New Year's Opening Hours are as follows: 
31.Dec : 9:00am open - 8:00 pm closed
01.Jan : 12:00pm open - 10:00 pm (Last call)
02.Jan : Regular Hours 9:00am - Next 5:00 am Last call

Note: New Year Special Price 1,000yen will be added through 01.Jan to 03.Jan

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