Will you become our reporter??
In gratitude for an adopted report, we offer ¥10,000 discount for your next booking.

sample video

Application Method

Your movie should be like the sample movie.
Please submit your movie "What was good about this agent".
The period of your movie is 1 to 1.5 minutes.

  • What you need to apply are your movie (Your native language is fine.) and its text in English. That’s all.
  • Sun-glasses, mask, disguising costume are no problem. (For these,our discount is ¥5,000 for your next time.)
Filming Tips
  • Locking your camera or smart phone makes pictures clear..
  • If you spot-lighten your face, it will be even better..
  • Please talk a little louder..

Animation file form


Animation aspect ratio

(greater than 4:3| 640×480),
(greater than 16:9|1280×720) preferable
※Minimum requirement 640×480

Text file form


How to upload a video file

You send your video via the file transmission site. Please see the description below and upload it.

It is uploaded automatically when you choose the files to upload.

After you complete upload, you should now see the following.
Please copy the download link and paste it in the download link field in the application form.

Application Form
Your Movie File

Paste the Download-Link
Your Nickname on the Report Movie
Your Member Name (to use our service)
Phone Number
Pin No
E-mail Address
The latest user history
Month , Year , Location
Reporting Brand

Application Agreement

  • We will not return your data after application.
  • We will not adopt anything contrary to public order or morality, or anything to criticize or degrade another person.
  • We adopt based on our standard, and applicants shall not raise an objection to adoption or non-adoption.
  • The copyright of adopted movies belongs to us.
  • Adopted movies may be posted on YouTube or other video clip sharing sites that we select.
  • We will not delete adopted movies.
  • We will not use them for any other purpose but on our official websites or for our advertisements.
  • The right on the next-time discount for the adopted report movie cannot be conceded to other persons.