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Due to Novel coronavirus countermeasures
To ensure customers safety all J-Night staff, all people involved and all companions, the following is enforced.
  • Regularly and thoroughly clean hands with an alcohol-based hand rub
  • Wear face mask always in office
For your own safety, please cooperate to clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub together with our companion at the beginning of the session.

Please kindly note regardless with clients, companions may wear face masks before entering the room.
Please pardon our companions if they are not wearing face masks due to shortages.

Thank you for your understanding
Japan Adult Entertainment
3 services,47 branches
Japanese Escort Girls Club Japanese Escort Girls Club video


point of Japanese Escort Girls Club

Japanese girls with ultra-premium eroticism and Hospitality!

Japanese Escort Service Club
Japanese Escort Erotic Massage Club Japanese Escort Erotic Massage Club video


point of Japanese Escort Erotic Massage Club

For you who need a relaxing moment! Erotic massage and Heavenly hand job

Japanese Escort Erotic Massage Club
Japan Fetish Femdom Girls Club Japan Fetish Femdom Girls Club video


point of Japan Fetish Femdom Girls Club

Reach the highest ecstasy you never receive! 100times better than Ejaculation!

Japan Fetish Femdom Girls Club
comparition of our services
item Japanese Escort Girls Club Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club Japan Fetish Femdom Girls Club
Phone number 06.6214.3338 06.6212.1950 06.6214.1920
Brancies 9 Branches All over Japan 20 Branches All over Japan 13 Branches All over Japan
System GFE Massage and Hand job Soft Core SM
Erotic Masssage No Yes No
Testicle Massage Ask Yes Ask
Prostate Massage Ask Yes
(Depens on Girl)
Rimming Ask No No
Body to body massage Yes
(With Nuru gel)
(With Oil)
Kiss Yes No No
Naked Yes No No
You touch Yes No No
Bondage No No Yes
Darty Talk No No Yes
Golden Shower Yes
No Yes
Face sitting Yes Yes
(With G-strings)
(With G-strings)
Sex Toy Ask
No Yes
Enemagra No No Yes
Strap on dild No No Yes
Cosplay Ask No Ask
(Depens on Girl)
Hand Job Yes Yes Yes
Foot Job Ask No Yes
BJ Yes No No
Gokkun No No No
Gansha (COF) No No No
Sumata Yes No No
Sexual Inter Couse No No No
we have 47 branches
  • Body to Body massage [Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club]

    MassageJapan Escort Erotic Massage Club
  • Soft core S&M

    Soft S&MJapan Fetish Femdom Girls Club
  • Escort Service [Japanese Escort Girls Club]

    EscortJapanese Escort Girls Club
our branch location map
Hokkaido/Tohoku Escort Area
Kanto Escort Area(except Tokyo)
Tokyo Escort area
Kansai Escort Area
Cyubu Escort Area
Chugoku/Shikoku Escort Area
Kyushu Escort Area
Japan Escort real user's comments
  • Ms. Maria from JEGC Shinagawa branch.

    I have used JEGC many times from many shops in Japan. Every time I get new experiences with these girls. Almost ...

    click here to read more
  • Ms. Shizuku from "JEGC" Yokohama branch

    This was my third time with Shizuku-san and my first time seeing her in two years, and it's clear now that it'll...

    click here to read more
  • Ms. Anna from "JEEMC" Kobe branch

    I met Anna at my place. She showed right on time. She has a cute girl next door look. Slim and sexy. We started...

    click here to read more
  • Ms. Hitomi from "JEEMC" Hiroshima Branch

    11/10. Hitomi was on time, service was the best I've ever received. I will be visiting again. Thank you Hitomi san...

    click here to read more
  • Ms. Sora from "JFFGC" Yokohama branch

    約束にとても緊張し、待ち合わせ場所に着くとソラさんが現れました。 彼女の明るい笑顔と純粋な美しさを見て、私はすぐに安心しました。 彼女は自信を持って非常に注意深くソラが私の弱点を理解した瞬間、それはすべて終わった。 彼女はすべて...

    click here to read more
  • Ms Kazuki from JEGC "Yokohama" branch

    I already submitted a review about three minutes ago before I found this page. I just want to say I enjoyed using...

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