I can't put a spotlight on this girl enough, Kaede.
As I have seen almost all of our girls, even though on the screen as a writer and customer representative,
I think she is the only one who knows what she is doing, who she is, how to promote herself, and most importantly,
how to represent her roots.
While many Japanese girls are trying to be Western-looked, she stays being an authentic Asian beauty and Western men
can't get enough of her, immediately fall for her and eventually end up to dig her.
How she act is so natural, she is good at stimulating libido even through the screen.
She is proud of the job she is doing and enjoying it.
She goes overseas to perform her art in bed, draw her eroticism on white sheets, and become a mixed incarnation of
Eros and Aizen-Myo-Ou, both the Gods Of Love of Greece and Japan.
It is not rare to find escorts with pride and confidence of their roots in the world, but here in Japan, as I have known,
Kaede is the only gem who has an international identity and still cherish her roots in nightlife business of Japan.