$60 Escorts Was Available


If you are broke but still want a luck, you can still find escorts for $60 for SS. (Short Stay)
They are usually located in Bronx, but some in Manhattan.
There used to be Backpage, and even craigslist offered some escorts services in a dating community.
However, these days the law is very strict so they are looking for other format to offer the services.
Some uses dating app or Uber for escorts.
For $60, you get what you pay for. They are not that beautiful or luxurious and living in a condo or project.
If you are lucky, you can meet someone who has a 5'11 height, long legs and a nice ass like Halle Berry but her breath smells
chicken or lamb over rice.
When I saw her I was like OMG. I have never seen such long legs. Her bubbly ass made me come real quick and 15mins were way enough.

For old time's sake, I would like to seek for low budget escorts sometime soon:)
How do they manage this business today in this pandemic?
NYC cases are getting mitigated so it's time for fun??