Okkake the Groupie!


Bukkake is already a famous word in English dictionary, which means cum on the face,
but what is Okkake?

Okkake is translated in English directly "to chase or follow",
but concisely "a groupie," a person (usually a female) who follows a band,
pop group or other celebrity, especially in the hope of having a sexual relationship with them.

In a male term, they may be called Otaku,
a male geek who follows a female idol wearing a black thick framed glasses,
check shirts, rough jeans, holding a back pack,
and usually never has been interested in sexual intercourse in the real world but anime.
Girls are more active and eager to have lewd time with band mates, that may inspire their art.
So if you are a cute sexy musician or model, better watch out.

I just finished watching The Dirt,
a film which tells a story about Motley Crew
and I was moved and learned that if you had a groupie girlfriend,
you are at the risk that she might be going to sleep with other band mate.
Being with sexy women is a status,
but always followed by unprecedented consequences.

If you were followed by Okkake, you got talent.
I would say it's also a temptation that indulges you in a naughty activity.

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