About Japanese Escort Service. (JEEMC)


We have had a lot of feedback saying
[Why it is not a full service?]

It is illegal to have sex for money in Japan.

It may allow individuals to do the business involving sex in other countries,
but most of the land forbid it.

However, this type of act, individual business, is also illegal here.

Therefore Japanese escort services have its original and unique genre and techniques.

We have 3 different courses.

I would like to tell you one of them.

[Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club]

It is the massage that gives you extreme pleasure without touching a girl and blowjob.

You will be definitely happy if a cute Japanese girl performed a massage
on your stressed out body due to the long trip.

You may want a little advanced stuff.
You may say the only pleasure you get is when you ejaculate,
that's what you want.

We started this business with the hope that you experience the message integrated normal massage
and erotic massage to reach 100 times better orgasm at [JEEMC.]

What if the soft skin of the girl is touching your body all the time...?

You get turned on, don't you?

You feel relieved with the body to body encounter at the same time.

From your relief to pleasure, the masseur gradually leads you
to the happiest ending you've ever had.

Simply say, this is our original erotic massage.

Your penis gets rejuvenated by our massage which includes stimulating the erogenous area
and testicle massage.

We finish you with a Hand Job but you do not simply get satisfied with jerking.

The endless pleasure with the Japan-Proud Nuru Gel,
we take time to randomly tease, and go harder.

The guaranteed [Explosion] after your pen-up pleasure.

One of the most important rules we have is

that you can never touch or be active on the lady since the lady only would like to give various pleasures.

No touching, no kissing and the girl doesn't get completely naked.

You may feel disappointed.

But don't worry,
we have things that we only can provide as an erotic massage spa.

You may imagine the sex workers that they wear gorgeous makeup and dresses and you easily notice that they are escorts.

However, we don't have such ladies at JEEMC.

We only hire a girl-next-door to emphasize your fantasy as
[OMG can't believe she is doing this..]

Here is feedback from our members.

[I was surprised that a very discreet lady came.]

[I came Japan and had an erotic time with a Japanese girl as well!!]

[I was so happy that she was so attentive and showed me a little bit of passion.]

[I can't get enough that such a cute girl teased me forever.]

[It was unlike an escort service because the lady fold my clothes
and served a tea as a real OMOTENASHI experience.]

[I definitely want to see her again!]

Those was feedback.

Of course we still hear
[I wanted to touch though...]

Especially you can avoid the risk of covid-19 or various STDs, albeit still feel pleasure.

JEEMC is the organization that provides the massage
that integrates normal massage and erotic massage.

We would like you to try our service if you are a beginner of Japanese escort.

We guarantee that you will be precisely satisfied!!

Please check our website for details.

If you are interested, please give us a call.
For non Japanese speakers,

Don't worry, all the staffs DO speak English!