Adult Roller Coaster Found in Anus


I rode a roller coaster in New York, New York in Lad Vegas with a girl I met in line of the ride. I was alone waiting for my time to hop on a cart and she was alone too. I just won Craps for $27 based on $5 bet so used it for the ride which was $12. I'm sorry but I didn't get lucky with this girl so please don't expect a naughty love story of us. The ride was amazing I saw the entire hotel and Las Vegas strip.
I wanted to hold her hands but I needed to cover my pocket which contained my wallet.

I am pretty ok with heights and speed so I love roller coasters.
I was missing the excitement and looking for the equivalent attraction during in Japan. Wandring around the city like a drunken bum seeking a piece of bread, crawling under the train station sniffing a trace of leaked beer, finally arrived at the small hotel where this petite mid-aged lady dwells, who has a God's finger to make men scream like a pig. Once she puts her finger in my anus, the whole world has changed. It seems I had some button in my hole to turn myself a bitch. When she touches it or even stirs it, my brain went to another dimension and I got a silver sight in front of my eyes, my hands were shivering and my body was wiggling like a dying fish on a chopping board.
She counts her fingers one to three in my anus and circle it. I witnessed her other cute hands holding my dragon balls while I was becoming a canine. I was such powerless. Man's economic or physical power are so irrelevant when a girl put their fingers in your anus. The precious moment in an anus lasts forever unlike the penis one.

I call the extravaganza an adult roller coaster that provides the same or even better excitement. I still miss the lady in the tiny hotel. I ain't crawl like a whore anymore but in my dream, why not.
Miles & miles away from where I'm located now. If God allows me to buy the fingers, I would indulge myself to spend all my pension fund to obtain them and immediately shove them up in my craving ass faster than a rabbit gets banged. And never get out of my house until the rain is over and the authority find my dead corpse with a tail of her fingers. The adult roller coaster is the deadly dangerous attraction of life.