Can Pawn Stars Handle Escorts?


Pawn Stars is a TV show that people come to pawn their rare goods or gadgets from 200y.o guns to Katana swards to
dead rocker's guitars and all. It's is the American version of Nademo Kantei Dan
(The Organization that assesses everything ) which is a TV show of Japan.
Pawn stars is a fun program to watch because there are not racial slurs, violence, nor controversial matters in entire episodes.
People are excited to see how they negotiate the price and get the best price out of the staffs' mouth.
It seems they are good people in suburbs. People in west coast are kind of warmer than east coast's.
I'm always impressed that they make a least bottom line for each items, for example even if it was only $500 more to get a $3000 worth item,
they wouldn't do it if it was not the way they want. Sometimes people compromise to deal for $500 less so Pawn stars get what they want.

Ok, here is the thing.
What if porn stars can evaluate escorts like the way pawn stars do?
An escort comes in and say "How much worth do you think I am??" and porn stars go "Ahh maybe $150/hr ?"
and the escort goes "How dare you said like that!! I'm worth $900/hr !! "
"Oh no dear, your look and that tiny boobs, I can say $250/hr " Porn Stars said,
"$600!! " The escort said. and then porn stars go "Ok, $300/hr and we can't do more than that. "
The escort contemplates,,,,and finally said "Ok deal! "

Must be a fun TV show. lol