Cum Better in Japanese Thin Condoms


I'm not sure if this is a usual thing or just me. When I lost my virginity, I didn't feel nutting. I didn't even know if my D was inside her. Maybe because I was nervous especially I was just a kid and it was in a public restroom. Lol
After the second time, I started to know how good it feels and doing it many times like a typical young man.

When I hit Emily for the first time, I was nervous or her authentic smell (I mean, she was beautiful but hadn't taken a shower for made me turned down and my D was completely dead until we restarted from teasing and licking.

These two girls are very attractive women generally but my D was completely dead for the first session.
After a couple of challenges, my body and mind goes together and D finally woke up and fit in perfect, we could have body conversation and I commandeered the vaginas with a penis rod. Japanese thin condoms give me a perfect stimulation. That's the best invention of Japan that you can still feel warmth of their tongue when they put it in their mouth. Since my D is sensitive, it pretty hurts when I do bare sexual intercourse so Japanese thin condoms do their best jobs on my D. I can't stop saying Sugoi which means amazing. Try Japanese thin condoms if you have a humble penis like ADD, Asian Ding Ding.
You will be addicted and never let it go or even wanna smuggle it through the border.

It was very difficult to cum with American condoms which are usually free in hospitals, put in a jar on a front desk but very thick and too big for my ding-dong. I once used a Mexican condom which I struggle to open it cz my hands were so wet and greasy with lubes.And finally my Chinese girlfriend helped me to open it. If I took it more time, I would miss the chance to hit the record.
It was a Kung Fu moment, I was a martial artist on bed. The street fighter is now a petite banger. Her moan was the best I've ever heard. Oh I can't tell everything here, I will let it be continued...