Differences Between JEEMC & GFE


No sex, No blow job, a lady keeps her panties and you can even Not touch the lady.
Costs about 25000JPY. It sounds unfair!! I know I know. But listen to me, gents.
It is what it is and we have 3 different types of services.
Like, McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts, and Taco Bell.
If you go to McDonald's, you can not get fancy donuts which DD has.
DD sometimes offer wraps but do you think you can get meat-juicy spicy crispy tacos that Taco Bell offers??
They have their best on their own and you can not compare to one another.

JEEMS (I pronounce it as Geem-sii) offers super sophisticated erotic massages.
Focus on "Massaging" in various styles. Testicle, groin, and even nipple.
So you can't expect these in GFE but don't expect GFE in JEEMS.

GFE offers a typical GFE. It doesn't focus on "massage" but you can pretty much do what you want except
penis penetration in other words, having sex.

Also we have JFFGC (I can't pronounce it. lol Just go Jay Ef Ef Gee Sii)
A fetish service, femdom fantasy. I describe this a taco from hell with a death spicy hot sauce.
Your ass gets burnt with a maximum orgasm in hell. You can't be served a taco of hell in McDonald's, right?

So please don't take it personal like, it's unfair!!
It is up to you, if you wanna touch, take GFE, if you want an erotic relaxation, take JEEMS.
And a hot taco is always on your side, whenever you are ready.