Finding Escorts in Togano


Togano is the area where there are a lot of Love Hotels (motels.)
When I'm there, I always tryna find escorts walking around or just guess who are the ones.
If you find women who are clad in excessive fancy dresses, those are them.
They are very sexy and beautiful. The area surrounds Taiyuji the temple. I'm not sure why they made the area
around the temple.
Some hotels are new and some are old that remind you of 80s vibes.
I only used a love hotel twice, and not with a Japanese girl somehow. lol
It was very fun. She wore high-school cosplay. She knew about the Japanese things for fun more than I did cz it was when I just came back here.

The hotels reminded me 80s. It was pretty old. I got melancholic very much.
The first time was awesome. but the second time we are very tired and she was very hungry.
Time flies. Love hotels take you to the another world and make you feel at least something.

Costs about 3000JPY for 2 hours basically. Visit for naughty time. Ciao:)