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"How to enjoy our service tips "

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Nick Name  GA  // From Hong Kong

I'd like to enjoy Japanese Fuzoku service!!

My answer is....
When in Japan , do as the Japan do.

In other words
I understand a Japanese night entertainment style, and is liked by a Japanese....

What makes Escort Girl Happy??
Do you have an experience with Japanese Escort Girl?? They are also human. She might be sometimes not in the mood to provide a service.
But don't you think she would be happy to to give you good service if you could cheer her up. There are some cases that you could please Japanese escort girls in my experience.

1. Gift them at an encounter
No one don't like to receive a pleasant for surprise. A bunch of flowers, desert for sweets, no matter whatever you could make her happy with, she will give you quite hot night.

2. Memories few Japanese
Even though few words, for example hello for "KONNICHIWA", Good evening "KONBANWA" , you are pretty for "KAWAI", would make her smile.
They know that Japanese is the most difficult language to learn. Japanese word from you will impress her a lot.

3. First, be gentle, Second, be gentle, Third, be gentle
Japanese woman is quite sensitive. Some escort girls might be nervous to meet you because they don't have enough experience with foreigners.
So you should as gentle as you could when you touch her, when you kiss her, when you lick her.
Requiring more than the service mentioned is gonna quite scare her (Full Service is prohibited in Japan).
In my opinion, making escort girl happy get back to ourselves. She will give us awesome service with full of OMOTENASHI spirit. Everyone will be happy.

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