How to woo Japanese girl!


What do you think the most important thing when you are hitting on Japanese girl?
Saying good things to her? But it works opposite way sometimes.

Because you do not understand how woman feel about what you say. There are surely differences between women and men.
I know your confusion about girl thing, especially Japanese girl thing. They don't show their emotion as much as American girls do.

I think that is the why you have no idea what they want to be said. But if you keep in mind some things that make Japanese girls happy, you will never be in trouble.

First, Japanese girls have their own unique taste, especially their makeup. They have way many things which they are particular. Such as big eyes, and long eye rushes.
They have amazing skills to make eyes look bigger; wearing colored contact lenses, and eye rushes. Have you ever heard about Eye Putti?

That is one of the cosmetics; sticky grew which make double eyelids. You may have seen Japanese comics or animation; all of the characters have big eyes.
That shows how many important big eyes in Japan. It is no exaggeration to say they put all efforts to get bigger eyes.

This kind of make-up is called Plastic Surgery Makeup in Japan.
Actually there are many women who are thinking to get double eyelids surgery. It would be really serious stuff more than you think.
What I want to say is, paradoxically, you should say how beauty their eyes are and how good thire makeup, saying that her eye rushes are long, it might really work.

Also it is way confusing their reaction. She would say that "Not at all." when you compliment her. And you might think why she didn't say just thank you.
It doesn't mean she was not happy with what you said. It is just because of their personality, Japanese YAMATO NADESHIKO.

I will be happy if I can be of any help. Kawaii girls are waiting for you.