I Preached a Peach Again


Thank God.

You rewarded me that I've been hard working this past week.
I met her.
I could meet her finally for the first time in 8 months.
The restaurant was closed for months and I never know how many times I'd tried to reach them.

After the hard task, I bet myself like,
if they answered my call, I'm lucky.

If they don't, I need more effort.

But they did answer my call and the peach was there.
The peach I have adored for 8 months.
When I saw her I immediately thought she was the one.

Not two or three but one.
She was like an adorable chubby heathy puppy.
Ohh those eyes.

I couldn't stop grabbing her ass.
So fluffy, what a treasure.
I don't think she remembered me at the beginning,
but after I took my mask and glasses off,
told her that she turned down my invitation last year,
she recalled. Cuddled her from behind,
she taught me how to play with her big boobs,
make her feel safe by the specific grabbing.

We lay on bed,
this time she was more affectionate coming in front of me lying, seemed wanted me to cuddle her and taught me
how to tease simultaneously comfort her boobs.

You gotta be careful with index fingers
which have to slightly touch nipples but don't push.

Her respectable area was naturally hairless
and when I slid my tongue from the areolae to the lewd lips,
they were already so wet.

My D was never so hard unless my nipple be sucked.
I could easily put a thin condom on and move forward.
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Amazing.

She knows how she can make me turned on by licking the ear,
stick the tongue into it and I can't stop moaning or even screaming. Then we went doggy,

her ass was everything I could ever want and I spontaneously spanked it and CUM!

That was the first time I ever cum in doggy that I hardly could even on western asses. God,,,Thank you.

I thanked her from the bottom of my heart.

I'd tried several J-girls for months but NEVER came with nutting,
even my D didn't wake up.

I preached the peach. She is the one.

I'm now invigorated to take care of others.