Japan fetish femdom


Are you a big fan of costume play? Why do men get excited when girls dress up in a character that we are familiar with. It is because you see them around but you never get your hands on them. During the session, you reproduce your sweet memory and situation that enhances your sexual fantasy. You can also create your own cinema scenes. Why not to try to have fun with it? Japan fetish femdom club provides the cosplay service. One of our branches, Nagoya fetish femdom club is known for having a variety of costumes. You can choose one from the following.

Japanese Maid
Office Lady
China Dress
Cheer Leader
Police Woman
Flight Attendant
Buruma(JP P.E uniform)
Japanese High School

Tell us your favorite one! The girl can be a student, a police woman, an idol or anybody! Make your own world with Japanese subculture at Japan fetish femdom club!