Japanese Strippers in Japan


Hummm,,, I'm not a big fan of them. I have seen them in a strip club and I thought they were too energetic, not sexy at all.
I understand they went to a pole dancing school, got skills and know how to dance, but hey, I'm coming here to see sexy and seductive
girls, not sweaty hustling athletes. Japanese girls don't know how or weren't born to be sexy and if they tried, they would misunderstand the way it should be.
In a gentlemen's club, you have to know how to display yourself sexy. Western girls are born to be sexy and know what to do in such a place
or even on Instagram already. lol If it was a pole dancing competition, Japanese girls bring trophies and prizes home, but in a strip club,
you have to make men wanna bring you home. That's what it is. Just stroll on stage, feel the vibes and grooves of music that a DJ plays,
swagger when you get off the stage and seduce men.

Korean and Chinese girls know how to be sexy more than Japanese. J-girls are born to be Kawaii or neat.
But you know, in English literature, you say "dirty and naughty" for describing sexy girls right?
Then do you think being neat and kawaii works well in a gentlemen's club? I don't think so.

Oiran in Kimono is way sexier.