No Love at First Sight


Love: It's a renowned theme of life that never fails to catch our attention.
We're perpetually exposed to the subject via tunes, films, dramas, novels and other kinds of media -- and of course,
through real-life experiences.

Yet, although its universal appeal, there is a lot about love we don't understand.
I suppose its mystique is part of what makes it so captivating. Love is this mysterious,
hypothetical entity that escapes any kind of definition or comprehension.

There's no love at first impression.
There is, however, physical attraction at first sight. Let's be honest: The first thing we notice about someone is how he or she looks.
Literally, the first thing you see "at first sight" is a person's physical appearance.

Now, I'm not disputing that it's impossible to hit it off immediately and stay together forever.
However, even in those cases, there's really no way to fall in love with someone upon first sight.

Falling in love never happens in the blink of an eye; it takes precious time to get to know someone long enough
and well enough to make an emotional bond. There just isn't enough time within that first sight for this to happen.

To love and to be loved. It is always a heart-melting moment that I wanna cherish.
Tell me about your love story. We are heading to Xmas holidays.