Passion on Backpage


Passion. She was an outcall/ incall escort in Manhattan, sometimes in Bronx, yeah it was risky.
It was a long time ago already, I found her on now-gone backpage which was a popular website where a lot of escorts or massage
parlors set up shop. I think it was banned a couple years ago due to the new law for prostitution, so I'm not sure how they survive
or hustle today.

I found Passion there and she wore red lingerie, a bra and a thong, showing off her vanilla ass and long legs, it already looked tasty.
and it WAS actually. Nobody showed their face on Backpage so I could barely see her face but seemed cute.
She had long blonde hair and super pale skin. I went to all the way up to Bronx where is still not safe and risky if you go at night.
I wasn't brave but my D was. My boy was fearless and could go anywhere he wanted to go like a hawk.
I remember took a bus and dropped off at the highway in noon, walk around the corner, passed in front of some auto industries which I can recall was dangerous and
very risky for your life. I found a tiny hotel and pushed the button up to 3rd floor.
She opened the door and still hid the face , which usually "the ladies on Backpage" in the U.S do, and finally I met her.
I was surprised that she didn't have front teeth. lol Maybe she lost them due to the addiction or just simply lost them.
But she was a very attractive woman who had height 5'11, 140lb I guess, and a nice butt.
Boobs are not much serious business for me so...

Her smell was so sweet like sweets, and the protection was irrelevant to the way it was supposed to work for her BJ.
She was very nice and kind, as an Asian man I was very glad that she showed her immaculate manner.
The best moment was, of course, 69 or ass worship. That was totally heaven. I even saw angels in her tiny hole and couldn't stop
sniffing all her scent and licked it like vanilla ice cream. I buried my face in her ass and she made me cum so hard.
Grandioso. Encore!! I have more stories about her to tell. C U.