Trend on Tik Tok Is Butt!


I've read some articles that there are a lot of girls who are showing their asses on the about-to-be banned app
developed in China. The SNS switched dramatically past 3 years from a blog or a writing type of site to Video uploading
diaries. Now we got 5G baby. I have seen some sexy ladies twirking their asses on screen to get more viewer and somehow I never seen
professional pornstars...maybe because they got red flagged??
Tik Tok is a good tool to show off who you are and what you can do in seconds. What if strippers performed in the app with a pole
and stripped their clothes until they get to show their sexy lingerie? That's a free drooling sight and it will get more followers.

How about escorts? Can they not promote themselves on the app of the 2nd largest economy?
If all the escorts can offer what they can do there, it is a great advantage to set up shop.
Maybe there is an adult version of Tik Tok? I gotta look. Imagine when you are swiping FYP and all of a sudden a femdom loving dude
appears that having strapon in his anus, screaming like a cat after you see a cute girl dancing in a house.
If you were sipping tea or something, you might blow them out like Godzilla.

Trends are changing every single second faster than ever.
We are living in 2020.