The 5 reasons why Japanese Fuzoku is safe for foreigners!


Japan is the Mecca for Fuzoku, but there is high risk of failure of selection as well.

The most recommendable point of Japanese Fuzoku is the quality of ladies and service provided.
Just so you know our franchise is one of the pioneers of Fuzoku shops that allow foreigners to get erotic services.
Our ladies are professionally trained to not only make your body feel good but also make you feel spiritually refreshed.

I think you all agree that the younger the lady, the better the service but our ladies are not only young and skilled.
They are also very well mannered and will try everything they got to make you feel happy.


Japanese fuzoku has a lot of genre to offer, you can say that Japan is creative and really into their sexual fantasies.
Many girls are recruited on their 20s, while there are places where they only provide matured girls or milfs as I like to call it.
They also have shops that provide fetish services, getting peed on, getting a finger or two in your butthole. If you're into those kind of crazy stuff.

You either choose between the kind of shops you like, the type of sessions or the type of lady.
If you are tired of being on the dominative side then you are looking at the right place because in our shop our girls are the dominative one.

This service is for everyone who had failed in using Japanese escort service in the past and do NOT want to make the same mistakes ever again.
If the things written below matches your concerns then this is the service for you.


"I have failed using other Japanese escort services in the past"

"She looked nothing like her picture. This is such a rip off."

"She was as pretty as I expected looking from the picture but the service that was given was not even half as good as I expected."

"I wanted to get a girl from other escorts because it was cheap but the lady that I met looked more like a monster."

"I'm pretty sure I paid for a Japanese girl but she is not even Asian."

"Before meeting the girl I was so excited but after seeing her for the first time, I wanted my excitement back."

"Forget the money, I just want my time back..."

"Well, let be bygones be bygones..."

We understand your concerns. Everyone makes mistakes, just don't make the same one.


Japan has a high reputation for Fuzoku because of its beautiful ladies.
So why go to bad ones when you can pick the good ones.

Isn't Fuzoku always is attached with your business trip or vacation? It is a must.

Your business trip may be successful or your vacation in Japan might be memorable but your nightlife is a failure.
That is one of the worst thing that could happen to you.

With that bad Japan night life experience you might become hateful with the girl or the shop that gave you the service.
Not wanting to get a service from them ever again.
Or even worst, you might hate Japan with that bad experience. That is the last thing in our mind.
We want you to enjoy our service but not only that, we want you to have a unforgettable Japan experience.

"The service was very good but she smelled really bad."

"I wanted to feel good and relaxed but I felt like she didn't know what to do and keep laughing."

"It's too hard to choose because most of the girls look similar. I'm pretty sure all pictures are photoshopped."

"There are too many shops in Japan..."

"After travelling all the way to Japan, I can't go home disappointed and feeling sad. "

If you don't want to fail in your Japanese escorts then you coming to the right place.
These are the 5 reasons why we recommend our service to you.


Our shop, Japan Adult Entertainment Guide consist 3 services which provides you top of the line girls,
ranging from ages early 20s to early 30s. They are very well-mannered and will treat you like a king.
We only hire girls you are top of the class and are very well trained.

1.Choosing a girl will not be needed, since our concept is very strict.
You might think that it all depends on the ladies to make a good shop but not in our shop.
Our shop is very concept striated so there is nothing to worry about the ladies service.
Our ladies have all equal skills and are trained exactly the same so the service quality is very similar.

More detail here.

2. We have very high standards when recruiting a escort lady.
Maybe when you think of a foreigner-friendly shop, you might think of low prices and low quality services.
Our ladies are very highly trained and highly experienced.
We don't hire them just because of their appearance but also their will to make customers happy and satisfied.
Our girls focuses a lot on customer satisfaction, not only making them feel relaxed physically but also spiritually.
Thus, we hire only the top of the line girls with great hospitality.

These are the reason why choosing the girl is unnecessary.

*But choosing a girl of your preference is available.

3. Being available nationwide means our regular Japanese customers are very happy with the services we provide.
After one year of opening our first Kaishun Massage in Osaka, we have expanded and opened shops nationwide.
This is the confirmed evidence that our concept are being loved not only by our Japanese customers but also our foreign customers.
And after all that success we opened our Fetish Femdom Girls Club opened nationwide. And it expanded rapidly.

Then, Japanese Escort Girls club started as a delivery health service only for foreigners in
2014, the amount of regular customers for both services raised all the way up to 1,000 and that made us open the Delivery Health due to our regular customers requesting us to open one.

Without our regular customers love and support we wouldn't have made it. Everyone continued supporting us from the bottom until reached the top.

We started opening Osaka and Tokyo based Japanese Escort Girls Club , a delivery escort service only for our foreign customers.

All of our services are based in one concept and that is "to make our customers feel good and refreshed without making them do anything but just laying down.".

"To make costumers feel like a king" is our shop motto.

4.The stability because of produced by big company.

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Fetish Femdom Girls Club, Japanese Escort Girls Club, all services has a motto of leading the industry as a peonia.
We show you the fact that these service is cleanly managed under the law.

It's not good to be against the law by using illegal service in foreign country, isn't it??

Please do not worry about it. We have submitted documents of notification to police, totally legal company.
Besides, we employ the reception staffs speak English to get rid of foreign customer's anxiety




5.The merit of granting franchises! Same quality of session, recruitment standard, price at wherever location in Japan!

Someone might tell say that I'm satisfied with the usual shop!
But our service is as good as anyone no matter how long you have used Fuzoku service in Japan.

There is no differences even in Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama.
Of course, nor about price.

Moreover, we have our own register system.
So you could make a booking more freely next time.

You could get the latest information by mail magazine.
We will offer special discount Irregularly.


There might be the Fuzoku shop that has only ladies carefully selected in your town!!

We are able to manage our shop thank to a lot of customers and ladies.

So one thing we would like you to understand is that we have a many customers everyday, so it would often happen that some ladies are booked out even in early morning.
We only make bookings on the same day but if you already are
Please leave us to arrange the lady for you if you are the first-time customer.
We would arrange nice lady who make you come back again.

You could make a new booking only in 5 min by calling to us.

There are 2 ways to use all our services.

Recently, maintaining Fuzoku shops is difficult because of law.
So we prepared these 2 ways, meeting type and delivery type.
In both ways, booking is only by phone call and it's simple, so you will meet only the lady you expected (not staff, not another customers).
We will help and guide you in English so please do not hesitate to call us.

Delivery type
When you want a session at your hotel, please choose this one.
We could also deliver a lady your house and residence when you stay in Japan long term.

*When you want to know about the security of your hotel, please ask our staff at anytime.
*You need to take more than 90 min session at your house or residence.
*You need to be stay or live alone.

Meeting type
When you are hesitating to have a session at the hotel room that your company set for you, came to Japan for business or trip,
please choose Meeting type that would make you feel you have a girlfriend in Japan.

*Please prepare Japanese mobile or Skype account that work outside in advance to make your booking smoothy.

How do you feel our service??

Want to enjoy nightlife in Japan・・・・
Want to make a good memory with Japanese lady・・・・
Want to meet the real Japanese lady・・・・

We create this website to give you sensual experience of Japanese Fuzoku without any anxiety.
Here we have some reviews from customer had our service before, lady's movie as well for you if it's not enough only with lady's photo.
We are updating latest news on twitter everyday.

Please feel free to call us.

We will be waiting for your call.