The 5 top points of how to keep the Long distance relationship


There are many HOW TO review in Japan.
Today we would introduce the 5 top points of how to keep the Long distance relationship.

You might think it is like, you could not get along well, we could not get over the distance,
the long distance relationship with your partner is supposed to be associated with negative images.
But some researches say that the couple who get together with the long distance relationship share a stronger bond of affection than the couple who doesn't.
Thinking about each other, trying to keep communication seem to be the important keys to keep the close relationship.

There is 5 points of how to keep the long distance relationship

1. Closely get in touch with each other
For example, no matter how close or far we are, we must be anxious when we could not contact with. Besides, if we were far apart each other, we could get not only worry but also get fear feeling. There are such feelings behind the word "I want to hear from you". If you could think she or he might feel such emotion, you should take contact one more than yesterday.

2. E-mail is suppose to be strong supporter.
Even though it is a short letter like "I'm coming back soon" ,or just a pic graphic script, it's gonna be good to let the partner know that you are trying to keep the constant. The memory with your partner take in shape. It is beautiful. We could looking back previous Email and we could feel we are together with LOVE.

3. Somewhat getting your life pace along with your partner's is the important key.
Partners voice make you recognize your partners feeling, physical condition, changes.
So making a call is the most necessary thing. If you don't like speak on the phone, let's speak to her as a body guard while your partner is on her way home at night. And sometimes you should make enough time to speak to share something impression, troubles etc.

4. The cause of a quarrel??
No matter what kind of reason for a quarrel you have, you need to find the way to get over it as early as possible. We could see many cases about the money problems. Especially the woman apt to economically rely on the man. So we have not to take it for granted, say thank to your partner.

5. Control your sexual desire
Long time no sex is sometimes hard to someone. We need to somewhat control our sexual desire in another way. In this case I recommend to use the agency. Because having an affair
is the very thing will break our relationship. But taking a agency is totally safe and you can get that in completely secret.

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