How the Star Group Is Prioritizing Health, Safety and Community During the Outbreak of COVID-19 Coronavirus Impact


Our services remain open as long as it is safe to do so. These updated news make it clear that we need to temporarily change our operation to ensure all customers and staff to be well and consistent with the government's guidance on social distancing. Following is our updated info of the implementation at all branches.
According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, "The novel coronavirus lose its infectivity by hand sanitizer (70% alcohol). We advise you to wash your hands with soap and water frequently, and clean your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel. Avoid crowded places. It is also important to have enough sleep.
All staff are IMPLEMENTING COUNTERMEASURES against COVID-19 infections.

1. Before Work


All staff take their temperature before work.

2. In the Office


Constantly changes the air in rooms Keeps the proper temperature and humidity Frequently cleans facilities with hypochlorous acid water Ensures to clean hands, gargles, and sanitizes Keeps good manner when coughs or sneezes Wears a face mask when face-to-face conversation

Maintaining at least 2-meters distance between staffs.

3. Before Departing


Prepares alcoholic sanitizer, mouthwash, a thermometer and trash bags, then clean the hands and gargle again.
The lady always wear a face mask during the move.

4. In the Car

All drivers must clean hands, gargle, then sanitize interior of the car before and after they run the vehicle. All drivers wear a face mask. During run the window should be open o let the fresh air in.

5 After meeting up (During Session)


When arriving, you and the lady shall take temperature together. Then wash hands, gargle, and sanitize hands. Before the session starts she vents the room air. After the session, the lady bring the trash bag back to the office.

6 After the lady comes back to the office


Wash hands, gargles, sanitizes again. All inside of her bag are disinfected with hypochlorous acid water.
During the State of Emergency people do not go out of home due to the social distancing. You can use our service by calling the lady to come to your private room.
We will appreciate, if you consider our services as your part of the private entertainment:

7. Aim Zero Infection!

We are responsible for the following implementations:
Take temperature before work Make sanitizer available all the time Bring Mouthwash Wear a face mask when meet No littering and bring the trash bag back to the work place

We want to assure you that keeping your health and safety is our highest priority and continue our consistent illness prevention and protection. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) we temporarily change the open hours as following:

Temporary business hours from April 5, 2020

Calling Center: From 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. (Last call)
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. Thank you.