What Can Girls Do in Bed


As I have had encounters with girls from different countries, the responses vary each countries, but all I can say is girls are kind and accepting men no matter what country or nationality they are or from. (Albeit I can't get along with Japanese girls somehow though I'm Japanese. Lol)

This Brazilian lady I met in a supermarket, I said hello to her in line and she helloed back, we had good vibes and went to her place. What can you imagine when it comes to the term Brazilian? ...Ass. Ass, man. A huge bubbly luxurious winning prize of the best leading peach at the Oscar ass.
Yes, she got it. I was not a big fan of her moan in Portuguese but when she licked my neck in missionary, it turned me on.
When she showed me her whole ass in doggy, I spontaneously exhaled three letters. O.M.G. It was like a real VR or 3D experience in front of my eyes.

I like how they accept me as a man.
They have given me love and warmth.
It's very mutual feeling whenever I was with women especially when they want to please men with meals. I really love eating the food they make from French toast to salad to fried fish. This girl said to me this is the food I'm gonna eat forever so if I didn't like it, I should tell.
What a sweet line, huh? Of course I liked it. It was a simple French toast with banana and blueberry jam but was so cute.

While men are living with pride and honor, women are living with love and warmth. I wish I knew more to do back in those days so I could make them happier. When a girl asks " you can have breakfast or sex, but you can't have both." in the morning right after you wake up, just answer sex. Then you can have both. To love and to be loved simultaneously melts your heart. In my opinion, love doesn't last. But the important thing is to cherish every single moment while you love each other.
Let the memory last in a positive way so you can learn from it.
I have only been in love once which didn't last long but the memory makes me happy and encourages me always.

2020 is the toughest and hardest year we have ever had and will have ever. The rain rains as if it knew nothing. The pain causes pains as if it ignored everything.
We have to conquer it like a soldier.
Aim high, look into the bright future ahead.