What Would You Do?


There is this famous TV show that you can still watch on Youtube called "What Would You Do?"
Actually it airs about controversial things but here I wanna give some theme for this famous quote.

What would you do if this girl you like do not reply text?
Yo, I never can figure it out what to do, I don't know I just leave them and let it go.
and you know what? When I replied them after 2 months, the girl was already pissed and said I was the one
who stopped talking and never wanna talk to me again. C'mon it's not fair. She never picks up the phone no more!

So gentlemen, if you were me, what would you do? Are you kind enough to do a double-reply or call?
I don't know, even if I replied them too much, they would keep distance from me.

Guess what? A vagina costs money while a penis is free.
What would you do huh? I wouldn't do anything but pray!!