What's surprises foreigners in Japan


「Culture shock」 is the quite familiar word in Japan.
There some cultures and customs characteristic of some place and ethnic people surprising for foreigners.
Let me introduce some in Japan to you today.

The bed type has been already popular, but there are still some keep using Futon. Foreigners think Futon does not breathe well, and unsanitary things because they have no custom of washing. So they think it is very strange.

We also feel why foreigners think it is strange, but actually they usually don't show the address as detail as that of Japan,
it's gonna be like 「 in 。。street, the house like 。。」.
They could find out where it is because all streets in foreign country suppose to have it's own name.
On the other hand, only main street has a name in Japan.

◆Vending Machine
This is the famous things that all most all foreigners think it is strange. Not only juice and alcohol, but also something warm,
ice cream, cigarette, books, news paper, umbrella. This is the evidence of safety, than any other country. It should be broken and stolen in foreign country. It is estimated about 5.5 millions and more of machine in 2016 and 5 trillion yen of the amount sold.

◆Warm Water Flushing Toilet Seat
It's already been quite famous things among foreigners. Warm water emitted from the nozzle wash our private part, including deodorization,
drying, music playing, it has many functions.

◆The Capsule Hotel
Japanese original type of the hotel. There is the beaning story said that the Akinori Kuroda, Japanese architect, planed to build this kind of hotel.
They give us comfortable sleep with reasonable price, foreigners think this hotel like as SF space ship.

◆People Wearing Mask
Many people are wearing mask regardless of season, having a sick, especially in the pollen season. It is a common scene in Japan that almost all people have a mask in the train. The reason why they wear a mask would be prevention of cold, but some wear a mask because they don't wanna show their faces, some young people wear the mask becaous of a fashion. There is no custom that healthy people In America have an mask, so it looks really strange for them.

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Enjoy Japan's night life.