When a Girl Haven't Texted You for a Week


I sent a sticker because she had sent me a sticker, and she left me on read for a week.
I ain't lie, I have been thinking of her for a week, like, whether if I should double text her or not.
I chose to ignore as I wrote (I think) and wait her respond, and see how she would act.
I guessed "Heyyy"- thing. If I got this, that means she still likes me.
And I got one. Hell yeah. I got "Hellooooooo." Yes!! I did it!! I knew it, IIII f* knew it!!
A physicological plot is going on here, man. I called her right after I read the text and said heyyy I've missed you, you've been thinking of me?
She said Yes in Japanese. She is American. I have a north American English fetish so whoever the girls use the vernacular, I get turned on.
I really like talking with her. She puts "America Is The Best! " thing all the time so I get pretty annoyed cz I ain't there anymore. lol
It is funny. It was nothing when people are saying that thing while I was in the U.S but since I came back here, I feel different. Maybe I'm
Japanized again. Anyway, the call disconnected due to the bad connection of her phone. This thing happens all the time.
Because I had to go out, I just texted. and you know what? She left me on read AGAIN!!!! Mother *****r!!!! Whatdyyya want from me!!!??
I've waited for a week to hear your sweet lovely sexy voice and you gonna make me wait another week???
C'mon, girls are difficult. And I know she thinks boys are difficult too. I even sent her a love letter in Japanese cz she sent me a prolly-a-love-letter
to me in Japanese.

Yo, our game of love has just begun. Stay tuned.