Play Safe with Japanese Girls, no Mucous Contact


Why are Japanese girls so attractive? They are very popular among foreigners. Foreigners appearentry like a Japanese girl who has beautiful skin, hair, face and Japanese hospitality omotenashi spirit. Japanese girls look really lovely and pretty, do you agree with it? I do agree and that's why I suggest you make a reservation with Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club. It will get you more experience with the Japanese girls, and you will love them more. Most importantly, There is no mucosal contact in the service.

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club wants to assure you that keeping your health and safety is among our top priorities. We continue our consistent illness prevention and protection, which include the followings:

+ We provide mouthwash.
We are encouraging the ladies as well as the staff members to gargle with mouthwash when coming from outside.

+ We provide antiseptic solutions and alcohol based disinfectant.
We are encouraging the ladies as well as the staff members to disinfect their hands especially when coming from outside, after coughing and sneezing.

+ We provide cleaning solutions.
We continue to clean and disinfect touched surfaces using cleaning solutions with disinfectant.

+ We discourage our ladies and all our staff members to go out especially any crowded places.

+ We encourage our ladies and our staff members to wear face masks.
Due to the shortage of face masks, we continue our best to provide all our ladies to have an access although there may be some impossibilities.

When our lady(es) come to serve you, they may ask you to disinfect your hands and gargle using the mouth wash provided. The lady(es) also do the same with you. This is to prevent spreading the virus any farther. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Now, call us for your reservation with a beautiful japanese girl
! Phone:0662121950(int'l +81) Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club