Yokohama city information


Yokohama city is one of the most popular places for tourists, where you feel both exoticism and cultural atmosphere.
Touring sightseeing spots during the day, enjoying beautiful night view at night... I would really recommend to go to this beautiful and enjoyable city.

1.Yokohama Land Mark Tower
Yokohama Land Mark Tower will come into view at the very beginning when you enter Yokohama city.
This place is popular with unique shape and observation floor. It not only overlooks a whole Yokohama city, but also Tokyo can be seen on a clear day.
It is famous for world's 2nd fastest elevator, and 1st in Japan. It is the just right place with romantic atmosphere for a dating and a proposal.

2. Yokohama Cosmo world
It is located next to Land Mark Tower, the amusement park is for not only kids but also adults. There are 3 kinds' areas; it is divided according age-appropriateness.
The big ferries wheel called Cosmo Clock 21, is the main attraction here. Also it is representative symbol of Yokohama city.

3.Cup Noodle Museum
Nissin Cup Noodle is one of representative food in Japan. This world-famous Nissin has their own museum, CUPNOODLES MUSEUM.
Have you ever thought that you would like to make your original ramen?
Your dream will come true here! This place provides an opportunity to make your original Cup Noodles. You can choose one from 4 kinds of soups, 4 toppings out of 12 kinds.
There is no rule like you are not able to choose same toppings 4 times. That means it is able to make a "curry chees chees chees chees" noodles there! Must go and enjoy various combinations!

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