A Foreigner's guide to get women in Japan : episode 3


If you've read the previous episode, you basically know where to find your Japanese chick,
in this episode I'm going to tell you what to do. Let just say you got to second base with your chick
and you both agreed to go on a date. Japanese girls are simple, not very indecisive and would rather
let the guy decide on where to go. They don't need fancy dates on top of Hilton tower unless you got
yourself a gold-digging Japanese.

They like watching movies and eating out so that is a must.
On choosing a movie, make sure it's a movie that will be remembered. I suggest comedy or drama,
something major not like pokemon and Japanese movies. Make sure you get a popcorn. I'm gonna say it again
"a" popcorn, not 2 but 1. Sharing a popcorn will get you closer to her. After the movies you guys might be walking
around looking at teddy bears and be prepared when she starts yelling "kawaii!!!!" in a annoying high-pitched voice.
Kawaii means cute and to them pretty much everything is cute. Your messy hair is kawaii, your weird laugh is kawaii,
they way you walk is kawaii, every damn thing is kawaii and deal with it. They say it to be cute. I personally hate it
but I just keep my cool so keep your aswell if you hate annoying shit.

There are alot of stuff you need to understand
about Japanese ladies but that will be for the next episode. Just take her to a movie, treat her out and buy her sweet
stuff. You're all set my friend now it's your choice to bring her to your apartment or send her to a train station,
Your choice. But if you're not willing to go through all that trouble here is a website that will fulfil your needs.