Noge Yokocho fo Sho!!


Are you hungry? I am always.
Here is one of the best local food alleys in Yokohama, Japan!

Noge Tabemono Yokocho

For a core Japanese experience, we can't recommend the Noge Alley enough. It is one of those rare areas which hasn't modified much for decades
so you find plenty of traditional style bars that are very cheap and crowded with locals.
It is located along a river, so you can enter the stores either by going up on the 2nd floor overlooking the river or by entering them on the street level.
The izakaya taverns of that alley are very intimate,
and most of them are of the tachi-nomi style (drinking while standing). They are very affordable as well!
So if you want a exciting night out without bankruptcy, this is definitely a place you should consider.
You'll recognize the place when you get there by a gate with a red lantern and the many neon lights in front of the stores.
Noge Yokocho has become really popular in recent years with millennials as well.
You're guaranteed to have a good time there if you like the rowdy atmosphere of Japanese old fashioned bars.

You can take your fellas and chicks for boozes and the fiesta all night long!