Hihoukan, a Sex Museum


Hihoukan is a facility where modern/ancient things and documents of sex are kept.
It has sometimes historical materials.
The first hihoukan was opened in Tokushima prefecture in April 1969 then followed by a lot of hihokans being launched nationwide in sightseeing areas such as Onsen spots, the area where hot springs emerge.
Hihokan welcomed its peak during a boom of business people group trip which occurred in late 1970 - early 1980. They targeted not only men but women to attract by holding huge exibitions of modern art,
playing films of major movie studios etc...
However, as the world entered 1990s and for Japan, the Heisei era, the group trip got exacerbated and also Japanese law of sex was improved, a lot of hihokans were forced to be closed.

In overseas, I went to The Museum of Sex in NYC.
The Museum of Sex, also known as MoSex, is a sex museum located at 233 Fifth Avenue at the corner of East 27th Street in Manhattan, New York City. It opened on October 5, 2002.
It was a long time ago, but I remember that abundant dildos were hung from the ceilings, and displayed in a glass box.
From gold to green, modern to classic, it was a very interesting experience. There were drawings of naked people.
It was not porn-like lewdness, but totally art.

I've heard, there was a super dirty sex museum in west coast of Japan where you can observe horses having sex or a woman to have sex with a horse. There was God of vagina sculpture. It was located in the area where kids walking around, and whenever kids get to close to or mention that place, their parents get upset and try to blind the infants' eyes or deviate the direction.

I found a real museum, man. It is a vagina itself. You open the pink juicy door, labias, then find a clit above, dig in the magical rabbit hole, and what? Oh no,,,maybe an woman is a museum already.