White Shark on Window of Osaka Harukas!!


They have one world trade center in NYC, but what we have in Osaka?
At the height of 300 meters, Abeno Harukas!! It is the tallest skyscraper in Japan.
This multi-purpose complex consist of retail spaces, offices, art musuem, hotel,
rooftop garden and observatory. The name Abeno Harukas derives from the old Japanese word in Heian Era (which is one of my favorite eras),
HARUKASU meaning "to brighten, to clear up" was opened in 2014 to revitalised the aging Tennoji District.
Also Abeno itself is derived from the name of Abeno Seimei who was the most powerful onmyōji,
a leading specialist of onmyōdō during the middle of the Heian period in Japan. So technically these two words are from Heian Era,
and building is super modern and avant-garde, I jsut climbed up there and it immediately became one of my favorite buildings.
I am not a big real-nature fan, but would prefer artificial natures or water falls in a concrete jungle.
Because it creates escapism and an unrealistic world. I feel like I'm in an Oasis.
On the other hand, there are carnivorous or venomous reptiles and bugs in real woods or a jungle, and somehow they love me so I should not be in there.
I have always gotten bit or stung...

Take the train to Tennoji Station; a short walking distance via the underground to Abeno Harukas.
There are many spots in Osaka to to enjoy the night views. Why don't you give it a shot at its observatory,
Harukas 300. For the admission of ¥1,500, you can purchase the ticket over the counter on the 16th floor.
If you are cash-strapped, the rooftop garden on level 16 is free to public. This is where I was today. So comfy and I
recommend the 9th floor too. There is a mini garden.

The observatory is located on the 58th to 60th floor. There were special light projections during my visit titled
"City Light Fantasia" by NAKED. Naked huh... This annual nightly projection mapping event only happens during the winter season.
Get your loved one and hang out here. You will definitely make unforgettable memories.
It seems there will be a Jimbei Zame, a big non-carnivorous shark, on a big window created by the light projection.

Must go!!