A Foreigner's guide to get women in Japan : episode 4


You might be able to understand your Japanese chick from reading the first episode of this series but those were pretty much just the basics.
There are many more things to know about them as they are very strange creatures. Another thing you ought to know is they like taking pictures,
a lot of pictures and I know you might be thinking that taking photos are acceptable but hell no. In Japan they have these things called "purikura"
which are photo booths that have the "kawaii" culture written all over it. Nothing is more shameful than walking out of a purikura booth.

I would walk naked, dick out for 3 hours rather than go inside one of those things but if y'all are into those crazy stuff then be my guest my friend.

Japanese girls also tend to over-react. They make little thing like a little pimple into a giant extravaganza by saying "Yabai!!!", "Uso!!?? or

"Eh Majide!!??. It drives me nuts so some of you might not like it. Before going on a date with a Japanese girl you might wanna plan out where and

what ya'll are gonna do, they are not indecisive but they let you plan everything. They will not give you any opinions, they will tell you they are

hungry but will not tell you what they want to eat.

Don't get me wrong but I'm NOT saying that all of them are like that, I'm just saying that

the majority of the Japanese girls that I haved encountered are like that. I don't wanna sound mean but unless you are not a good looking white American,

a good looking black American or a rich not-so very good looking American, you are gonna have to work that ass off and follow as I say. If you are none

of the above or one of the above but aren't really good with ladies here is a website for you.