Be Inspired at National Museum of Art


In Nakanoshima, an essential area of classic buildings and art culture facilities,
you can experience contemporary art works from Japan and overseas in a rare art museum completely underground.

Nakanoshima is an area that centers on a sandbank thrusted in by a river which is the hub of business and administration beginning with Osaka City Hall.
Besides the contemporary museum of art, while touring nostalgic buildings such as the Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka which is famous for
its rare items of aesthetic such as celadon and white porcelain, the Osaka Science Museum where you can learn and have fun about science,
the brick Osaka Central Public Hall and the stone Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library, you can leisurely stroll along the riverside.
Rides aboard the water bus Aqua-Liner which tours around Nakanoshima are also very popular. Along the riverside, there are al fresco restaurants and cafes where you can spend a relaxing time.
From June to September, there are street stalls on the open terrace, and there is a green market with local vegetables and fruits which first started in the Metropolitan Osaka area.
In December and January, the area has a projection mapping show and is illuminated by LEDs, and a lot of people enjoy the presence of street stalls.

The museum is the modern architect's art itself. The present museum was designed by international architect César Pelli. Most of the museum facilities are located underground,
Pelli suggested that the externally visible design structure represents waving reeds in the wind.
The entrance, auditorium, restaurant and the museum shop are placed just beneath ground level,
with exhibits and storage facilities on the next two floors beneath. Permanent exhibition hall and artist-focused temporary exhibits are located in the intermediate level,
and various changing exhibitions are mounted in the lowest level.

Be creative by getting inspired up there!!