Chaotic Halloween Is on Its Way!!


A decade ago, there weren't the huge street parties or number of parades as there are now.
Halloween was more or less celebrated only at Amusement parks or by foreign residents,
who would make their own fun by going out gulping in scary costume.
Halloween may be a new concept for the Japanese, but you'll see just how easily it could be adapted to Japan,
and why it has become such a hit.
House parties as we know them in the West are not common in Japan.
But it's also cultural, too. Japanese have a strong sense of privacy and place emphasis on maintaining societal decorum.
Even if you are at the Halloween party in Japan, it is very quiet. Quiet, calm, and tranquil no matter where
you go, even a rock concert in Japan, it is very quiet like you are dead and walking in heaven.
Disturbing others through loud music or conversation in this way is not accepted, even at a rock concert. lol

Halloween became one of the biggest annual events in Japan in the last decade. Just like Christmas or Valentine's Day,
Halloween has developed its own unique features in Japan as the day to dress up in unique costumes and party all night long. Besides,
kids-friendly "trick or treat" parades, Halloween in Japan is more for young adults to party.
But be careful. There have been several negative incidents past years such as groping problems, fighting,
or even small riots. I really don't respect these things as a Japanese and think it is not that smart.
Halloween parades and parties are supposed to be happy. Japanese people are sometimes misunderstanding.
And also this is the event of Western culture, so we need more respect for it. If we riot within our own culture, it is fine,
like Seijin Shiki (Sweet 20th,) but hey, the October ghost parties are not ours. In order to invite western culture and have fun
with it, have respect for it.

There is nowhere in the world that celebrates Halloween like Shibuya! Shibuya Halloween is definitely the biggest,
and the most chaotic Halloween event in Japan.
There are also numbers of clubs and bars in Shibuya area hold special Halloween events at this night.

Where to buy Halloween costumes in Tokyo

Don Quijote

Tokyu Hands

Shibuya 109

DAISO the "$1 Shop" for one-day-use-only make-up items

If you want to dress up
in more particular themes such as anime or movie characters, to express OTAKU culture,
there are numbers of shops in Akihabara area, Tokyo, too.