A Whole New World, Shin-Sekai!


Shin-Sekai is one of Osaka's most interesting neighborhoods. This spot has remained largely undiscovered over the years. They are recently redeveloping the town for constructing or remodeling buildings to launch foreigner-friendly hotels. My friend used to work there and told me it reminded him of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It has a diversity of people.

At the beginning of the 20th Century the area flourished, and prospered with amusement attractions and restaurants that drew abundant crowds. Today, little of the bustle remains, but many classic eating and drinking establishments can still be found. One highlight is Jan-Jan Yokocho Lane, which runs along lateral of Shin-Sekai. This dining and shopping alley is where laborers who rebuilt Osaka after WW II gathered, and it still contains Japanese-style pubs and affordable cafeteria-like restaurants with highly unique menus that include hormone-yaki (barbecued cattle organs) and kushi-yaki (Japanese shish kebab)
it's an entertainment district for locals, much as it has always been.

The name of this alley comes from the "jan jan" strumming sound of the Japanese guitar that waitresses used to play to attract patrons.

Shinsekai, or 'New World', is a densely concentrated collection of affordable eateries, bars, and a few other surprises , you walk through one of Osaka's most colorful neighborhoods.

On street level, passing by a brick structure housing a 70s-era coffee shop and veer right, into the darkened shadows of the covered shopping arcade. The street is dominated by storefronts, punctuated in irregular intervals by pop-up stores, dollar barbers, and red-lanterned establishments serving alcohol to elderly men in various states of inebriety.

Several of these dudes have continued their early afternoon celebrations outside, stumbling down the arcade holding cans of strong chu-hi. They are always depicted by comedians from Osaka in a skit. Just let you know, they are not people that you want to be friends. You can't ever understand what they are saying. Lol

At the first cross street you may peer to your left and spot a middle-aged guy pissing on a corrugated metal wall. Such public displays of behavior are quite common in this part of town, which has always had a reputation for being somewhat precarious and seedy.

You can go here in the evening but should leave by 9 pm. It is a challenge and an adventure if you wanna experience the real Resident Evil walk through. Japan doesn't have the second amendment so why don't you ride a bicycle for your safety. Have fun w/o a gun!!