Den Den Town! Sen Yen Clown!


I spend wandering around like Hansel in woods of all the different stores,
especially the anime stores - I used to watch Dragon Ball often in my childhood.
Den Den Town occupies an area between Nipponbashi Station and Ebisucho Station,
along the Sakaisuji subway, the brown line. Along the main road of Sakaisuji Ave.
Along the same road, there are also a number of pop culture-related stores, with collectible figurines including sexy girls ones such as Nami from one piece,
DVDs, maid cafes and more. I have never been to a maid cafe. I just passed one of the shops but didn't have enough courage to knock that door.
In recent years there have also been some tax-free shops opening up to accommodate for the influx of foreign travellers.

Explore Otaku "the Geek" Road, "Ota Road!!"

The majority of the anime and manga-related stores in the area is in Ota Road.
Stores like Yellow Submarine and Animate can satisfy even the most hard-core Japanese pop culture geek,
with their huge selections of game and anime/manga merchandise respectively.
"Gashapon" stores, which are essentially a storefront space dedicated only to the machines where you deposit a coin and twist a lever
until a small plastic ball-shaped container with toy inside drops out.
Undoubtedly visitors to Japan have come across Gashapon at some point, because they are everywhere!!
But the Den Den Town area has an unbelievably large selection.

Nobunaga Bookstore

There is this "adult good supermarket", its 6 stories cover everything from tame manga through to hardcore porn. There are also sex toys,
video games (pornographic, of course), lingerie, cosplay costumes, and joke goods.
I've found plenty of toys from artificial pussies and mouths to dildos, anal dildos and even Sex dolls which are priced more than 400,000JPY!!
I saw a couple having a date there, they looked so excited!!
You can visit there sometimes and make a bond stronger or just enjoy as a museum!!