Have you ever heard of Robot restaurant?


It is gaining popularity with foreign tourists as a new tourist spot.
As its name suggest, robots stage for dancing and playing action with bikini-clad female, now many people come here to enjoy this crazy entertainment.

You are sure to be shocked by enormous robots and female dancers, and furthermore drawn into performance.
Entrance fee is 8,000yen per person plus a lunch box for 1000 to 1500yen with a bottle of water.

There are 3 kinds of lunch box, and menu has been changed since I have been there.
As you can see there are only 3 menus, this is neither a place where you go for a meal nor for drinking.
It is more like an entertainment theme park than a restaurant. Fathermore, never fail to make a reservation beforehand.

As soon as you open the door, the scene will enlarge your view as you are in bable era now.
This is somewhat surprising because fit-out cost to the tune of 10 billion yen.
English speaking staff will guide you after notifying your reservation to receptionist.

It seems foreigner friendly, so probably no trouble even if you don't speak Japanese at all.
Honestly, the expression about the show is beyond words. The mock-battle by Robots and female dancers,
female playing a Japanese drum and some instruments....
I could not have imagined at all what would happen next. During the show, I have lost track of time and was all excited.

I don't know how to say, anyway, you will understand why this place became poplular!
I highly recommend this place!

I know, you will want to be relaxing after getting a bit tired of sightseeing.
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We have 24 branches, of course in Shinjuku!
Feel free to contact us anytime, we open 9am-5am!