Hitting the girl or asking to agency


I think this is the tough question for us to decide.

There should be a Japanese girl who like to have something with foreigners.

But we have to choose sometime when we want to have some fun with Japanese girl as soon as possible.
There is much more place to have an oppertunity to encounter new person in Tokyo than any other city.

We can go many club, bar, and party there, we could also see many foreigners.

Foreigners who want to have a relationship with tend to go to night club mainly.

With your friends, or alone. And tried to communicate with Japanese girl. But you know, hitting Japanese girl is not easy for us.

They likely to not be able to understand English even though they love to come to the party place where foreigners get together.

I've stay in Japan 2 years and have an experience to hit the girl in Japan but the a percentage is below 5%.
I think this is common percentage for foreigners to get relationship with Japanese girl. Sad enough but this is the real.
In this case, I have some agency provide a erotic service for foreigners. We usually want full service but this agency doesn't provide that. Only oil massage with cumming by their hand job.

You might think it's not that you want. But I think it's better than keeping trying to hopless hitting of Japanese girls.
Go check their website If you interested in that service. Good luck for your night life in Japan.

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