Hokkaido Is Dekkaido!


There several Must-go spot in Hokkaido, especially at winter night! We have saying "Hokkaido ha dekkaido!" Literally mean " Hokkaido is huge!"

"Odori Park"

is the most favorite of the regular sightseeing places in Sapporo. This park was established as the landmark as the international city, which consists of 5 areas with 5 elements; "Flower", "Gathering", "Frontier", "Oasis" and "Exchange".

You can have fun all year around, but visiting in winter night makes you speechless.

"Sapporo White Illumination"

held from the late November to the early January annually and "Sapporo Snow Festival" from the early February to the mid February, will amaze you with the special night sceneries lit up aesthetically. Worth having an excursion at winter night in Sapporo.

"Sapporo Beer Garden"

The most prominent local gastronomy in Sapporo is Jingisukan (Mongolian mutton BBQ). Beer becomes friends with Jingisukan. "Sapporo Beer Garden" offers you both the beer representing Japan and the famous Sapporo dish.

The Jingisukan served here is of the top notch for a affordable price, which must meet your expectation for the night out in Sapporo. You can also have all-you-can-eat course including crabs and now what, sushi! To wrap up your night in Sapporo, Sapporo Beer Garden will give you the plot that leads you to the happy ending.

"Shiroi Koibito Park"

is one of the regular sightseeing spots in Sapporo, named after the popular sweets "Shiroi Koibito" which is vanilla chocolate besandwiched by butter flavored cookies, I was really longing to get one of those as a souvenir from my dad or his friends cz you can only get in Sapporo and never be able to have them unless you are at the age that allows yourself for business trip. There are many photogenic areas in the park, which attracts especially ladies. The buildings there look like ones from fairy tales. It has a chic atmosphere all year around, but the most aesthetic view can be enjoyed at night when illuminations are on.

NY winter is super freezing like you are in a fridge that's minus degree, but the lighting and atmosphere are awesome and make people happy.

Shiroi Koibito Park in winter is the best for dating along with Rockefeller Center. Must visit with someone special.

If you are suffocated with intimacy of urban cities such as Tokyo or Osaka, come visit Sapporo and say Hokkaido ha Dekkaido!!!